Editing a List

1. Go to Contacts > Lists on the main navigation menu.
2. You will see a list of your lists.
3. Click the edit icon next to the list you want to edit.
4. List Label – Change the name of your List.
5. Show in Public Areas – Check this option if you want the List to show when Contacts sign up or update their profile

 A public list is visible to both your contacts (when they join or update their profile) or to you in the application. A non-public list will only be seen by you or your staff.  Non-public lists are useful when tracking internal information that would not be pertinent for your contacts to see. For instance,  you could have a non-public list for sales regions (“Southwest,” “Northeast,” etc).

6. List on Page – Set the order your Contacts will see when viewing Lists
7. Click the Save button.

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