Image Filters

1. Open the Image & File Library
2. Go to Email Campaigns >  Image & File Library on the main navigation menu OR Open the Image & File Library through Step 2 – Content
3. Click on an image and then select Edit.

Under Filters you can use the following:

Brightness: adjusts the brightness level of your image.
Contrast: adjusts the tonal range of your image.
Exposure: adjusts the lighting of an image from dark to light.
Gamma:  determines the distribution of luminance values in the output image.
Hue: adjusts the lightness of individual color components in an image.
Saturate: adjusts the vividness or richness of colors in an image.
Sepia: adjusts the colors in your image to a reddish-brown color
Vibrance: increases the intensity of muted colors in an image.
• TriangleBlur: eliminates noise where significant color transitions occur in an image and smoothes them out.
Colorize: adding color to a gray-scale image without changing the original lightness values.
Invert: reversing tonalities and colors in an image.
Sharpen: creates a crisp edge between light and dark portions of an image, giving it more contrast.
Emboss: makes a selection appear raised or stamped by converting its fill color to gray and tracing the edges with the original fill color.
5. After editing select Apply and then Save.
6. Select Revert to undo any changes without saving.

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