How can I have text wrapping an image?

In most cases, a combination of blocks can be used to achieve simulated text wrapping. For example, combining a text with image block with a text block below it, give the appearance of wrapping text. Although it’s possible to add an image in a text block for text wrapping, we don’t recommend doing it unless you are versed in HTML so that you can edit the resulting HTML.

To simulate image wrapping text:  (recommended)

  1.  Add a block with the Image on the left and the Text on the right.
  2. Select the block, then select the Content Tab and turn off the Show Button and turn off the Show Spacing options.
  3. Select the Style Tab, then select Block Level Style icon. Now set the Horizontal Text Padding to 5.
  4. Add a Text block just under the Image and Text block from previous step.
  5. Select the Content Tab, then turn off the Show Spacing options.
To do actual image wrapping text:
  1. Add a Text block.
  2. Drag an image into the Text block from your file browser or desktop.
  3. Select the source coding icon from the menu bar.
  4. Edit the source coding for the image and add the coding as shown below to the <img HTML tag.
    <img style=”float: left; padding: 15px;”

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