Deactivating your Contacts

Deactivated contacts, are essentially deleted contacts. Deactivated contacts don’t count toward your contact billing level. The reason we keep deactivated contacts in your account is only to ensure that they are not re-added accidentally, sent to after unsubscribing… etc. If you are wanting to make room for more contacts (besides upgrading), we suggest deactivating “unengaged” contacts. We can help you with that process.

A contact can become Deactivated for the following reasons:

• The Contact Unsubscribes themselves
• The Contact makes a SPAM complaint. See our article on the Complaints Report
• If the Contact has too many bounces, the application will automatically deactivate the Contact
• You can edit an Email Contact and manually deactivate them

Deactivated contacts don’t count towards your contact total.

When a Email Contact is deactivated they can not receive emails.

To Manually deactivate an Email Contact:

1. Go to Contacts > View Contacts on the main navigation menu.
2. Use Search to locate the Email Contact(s) or scroll through your Email Contact list to locate the Email Contact(s).
3. Place a check in the box to the far left of the contact’s name. You can select multiple Contacts if you wish.
4. Click the Deactivate Selected icon on the toolbar above the Email Contact list.

What does deactivating an Email Contact actually do?

•  A deactivated Email Contact is NOT deleted from your database. They are left in the database to prevent any duplication or re-entry of their Email Contact data.
•  A deactivated Email Contact is moved out of your Active Email Contact list into the Deactivated list.
•  You can always filter your Email Contact list by Active or Deactivated.
•  You can not re-activate an Email Contact by importing their Email Contact information at a later date.

To reactivate a deactivated Email Contact:

In order to reactivate an Email Contact who has has been deactivated, you must edit their Email Contact record.

1. Go to Contacts > Search on the main navigation menu.
2. Find the Email Contact record.
3. Click the edit icon to the left of their name to open the Edit Email Contact screen.
4. Click Active in the Status field.
5. Click Save.

It is not recommended to reactivate Contacts; only do so if you make a mistake deactivating a contact or that contact specifically requests reactivation.

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